who are we?

At All-Star Tattoo Co, we are a collection of artists and unique characters connected by a passion for Body Art. We are collectively driven by a common mission:  To use unparalleled customer service to personally connect with every client.


Together, we create every tattoo as individual, and as important, as the human being wearing it

We specialize in custom tattoos only- have a design? Bring it in, or we can collaborate with you to get the perfect representation of what you're looking for. Each of our professional tattoo artists create their own designs as well, so be sure to check out their portfolios!


meet the all-stars

Aubri Mceachern


This dice roller and tabletop adventurer loves putting thin and fine-lined detail in her art, with a particularly fond appeal to four-eyed animals. However, no animal can compare to her feline son, Bishop. Outside of the shop, Aubri enjoys rollerblading, hitting the gym, yoga, and thrift shopping for various odd antiques. Her hobbies range from playing RPG video games like Pokemon to reading palms and tarot cards. Aubri is always excited to help people use body art to express themselves, and no one can match said excitement levels. She offers a special “Guided Tattoo” session. After a palm and tarot reading, she’s able to give her clients artwork that quite literally reflects the soul!

Sarah Aulinskis


Graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, Sarah utilizes her artistic knowledge both in tattoos and in other art forms such as illustration and cosplay. Outside the shop, she spends her time at comic/anime cons, playing video games such as League of Legends, and enjoying media like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and various horror movies. This animal mom and plant enthusiast enjoys many art styles and utilizes delicate linework the most in her pieces.

Hope McGee


Our resident New Yorker Hope McGee doubles as a tattoo artist and piercer here at All-Star Tattoo. Outside of the shop, she is an avid comic book collector. She also spends her time knitting, loving dogs, doing crafts, and watching movies such as Fight Club, Into the Spiderverse, and 10 Things I Hate About You. As a Body Art technician, she loves tattoos, and hopes to collect them from as many artists as possible. Through her extremely colorful, hyperactive artwork, she strives to give people the same chance to express themselves.

Spencer Jennings


Spencer is just your friendly neighborhood cryptid, having done art his whole life. He enjoys tattooing in a variety of art styles, ranging from illustrative with heavy shading, to cartoony with bright colors. Nerdy subject matter from horror, video games, tv shows/movies, literature, etc. are always welcomed. Outside the shop, Spencer can be found winding down with RPG video games, falling down the Youtube rabbit hole, and reading. Current personal projects involve various arts and crafts, and a plethora of writings and comics on deck. While All-Star’s entire shop is LGBT+ friendly, Spencer represents the “T” in LGBT, and hopes his clients feel comfortable in his company and work space.

Liz Murawski


Extroverted party fiend Liz is one of our resident artists, favoring thick lines in her cartoony designs. A lover of animation, her art style draws inspiration from Bryan Lee O’Malley, Lauren Faust, and Craig McCracken. Liz enjoys various expressions of art, especially ones found in comics, cartoons, and video games. Outside of the shop and the artistic world, she finds herself passionate about LGBT and Feminist issues, computer sciences, coffee, and her lovely cat, Baby Cat. She leaves you with a firm “Be gay, do crimes.”

Taylor Nicoll


Welcome to the circus! Taylor is our resident clown-enthusiast and CCS (‘19) illustration graduate. She specializes in pinup and erotica designs, though her creativity and art style extends to a wide variety of subject matters.  Outside of tattooing, Taylor is a hard-working rat mom, aspiring cenobite, and avid horror fan. You may catch her in a monologue about Hellraiser or viewing the world in various shades of pink. Other facets of art she practices includes sewing for LARP sessions or cosplays.  :o)

Mason "Mezzo" Kehr

Much like all our artists, Mason is passionate for body art and creative expression. Though he tattoos in a variety of styles, he prefers bold, black and grey designs as well as themes regarding anime. His favorite anime is Berserk, and it reflects in his love for gory and creepy art. Outside of work, you may find Mason spending time being a pet dad to his furry children: Twig the cat, Basil the dog, and Sophie the hamster. As a trans individual, social activism is an important aspect of his life. Other passions involve cosplay, DND, painting, and simping for Griffith from Berserk.


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